Therapeutic Solutions Counseling Center

Parenting Program

The parenting program we use to teach positive and effective ways parent(s) can interact with their children at every age and stage of development covers a variety of personal areas of a person.  Areas in which it covers are: Parenting issues, behaviors, drugs/alcohol, unemployment, the marital dyad (married or divorced, single or co-habitating) and the list is endless affect’s how we parent our child(ren).  Examples of issues which affect’s parenting of the child include: Drug & Alcohol use, domestic violence, a history of physical and sexual abuse within the family of origin, mental illness and disorders, legal problems, and CPS involvement, multiple relationships resulting in children, a history of family dysfunction or child/juvenile involvement with the law, or special education. 

Proper parenting shapes the coming generations, and the way the next generation will behave.  Parenting without a proper foundation leads to confusion for any developing child.

Parenting in itself is not a hard skill to learn. The issue is that parents are faced with so many other obligations, emotions and challenges in life besides parenting.

Whether our children are infants or adults, once we have them, we are parents for life.The most powerful role model in any child's life is the same-sex parent. It's a fact that children learn vicariously by observing the behavior of others and noting the consequences of their actions. They watch what happens to family members when they succeed or fail and those experiences become a reference for how they live. This is known as modeling.

Through your actions, words, behavior and love, you can direct your children to where you want them to go. Show them how to be happy, well-balanced and fulfilled adults. Shed any negative attitudes. Dump self-destructive behavior patterns. Turn up the positive attitude.

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