Therapeutic Solutions Counseling Center

Domestic Violence

Class Information:
Men's Group: meets every Thursday evenings, Friday evenings, or Saturday mornings. Call for times.
Women's Group: meets on Fridays at 5:30pm. Other days and time available.

  Classes - same gender groups.
  Length of the program - 52 weeks.
  Group meets - 2 hours weekly.
  Language - E
nglish and Spanish       
  Who - for men and women.
  Cost - Sliding scale to meet your       
  financial needs.


Programs are facilitated by     
Register License Interns with extensive experience.

 Domestic violence affects men and women of all ages, races, religions, and incomes.  It is estimated that approximately three million American households experience at least one domestic violence episode each year.

Our program takes a serious approach to the problem men and women are facing today - abuse at all levels.  Our children are being modeled for future generations of toxic relationships.  We utilizes psychological and educational components designed to teach skills and techniques that will equip individuals with the ability to choose violence-free way of living and stopping the ripple effect.  There is a variety of subject matters, ranging from child-abuse and violence to the relationship between anger and drugs/alcohol.  Education and focus intensively on working with you from the inside out. The goal of the program is to equip clients with options and decision making skills with special attention to stopping the cycle of family violence. 
Each participant will have a clear understanding of the laws pertaining to domestic violence, understand the definitions of physical, emotional, sexual, economic, and verbal abuse, problem solving and creative problem solving when life is intense, and conflict resolution.  This program is not limited to these topics, but includes additional contents that is needed to equip each individual with the tools to live without violence.

Proven curriculum and practice enable participants to learn new ways of expression.  In today’s world it’s not always easy.  We try to place the odds of success in your favor.

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